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Dentist Surbiton Kingston, Surbiton Smile centre, a leading centre of cosmetic and implant dentistry based in scenic surrey.  The practice is 5 minutes from Surbiton overground train station, near Kingston Upon Thames, at 148 Ewell Road, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 6HE.

The practice offers quality dental care in advanced cosmetic and general dentistry, with the application of the latest world class technologies available today. The team of experts, led by Dr Soltani, are each backed up with years of experience and training in high quality cosmetic dentistry. The team is proud to offer dental treatment to the best of their ability and their portfolio of work is testament to their capability and expertise.

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I have been visiting Simin & Wendy at Surbiton Smile Centre for some years. I use the Practice Plan scheme which includes 3 Hygienist visits and 2 Dentist visits per year. Wendy (Hygienist) has taken me from borderline gum disease / Gingivitis to a good state of gum health which is only held back by my overly hard brushing, something which she chastises me for on every visit. Simin has done a great deal of work on my teeth over the years - including a fantastic set of central and lateral incisor crowns (front 4 teeth top) and 2 molar root canals + crowns. The dental technician Surbiton Smile Centre use to create crowns is an absolute Master. What can I say? I smile an awful lot these days! Excellent work, excellent service, excellent aftercare & lovely people.

Dirk Von Tingle Tangle

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