I have been visiting Simin & Wendy at Surbiton Smile Centre for some years. I use the Practice Plan scheme which includes 3 Hygienist visits and 2 Dentist visits per year. Wendy (Hygienist) has taken me from borderline gum disease / Gingivitis to a good state of gum health which is only held back by my overly hard brushing, something which she chastises me for on every visit. Simin has done a great deal of work on my teeth over the years - including a fantastic set of central and lateral incisor crowns (front 4 teeth top) and 2 molar root canals + crowns. The dental technician Surbiton Smile Centre use to create crowns is an absolute Master. What can I say? I smile an awful lot these days! Excellent work, excellent service, excellent aftercare & lovely people.
Dirk Von Tingle Tangle
Very happy with the service I have received from all the team at Surbiton Smile Centre. The staff are friendly and helpful and the treatment I have received is very good. I would thoroughly recommend them.
George Featherby
I had my teeth straightened at Surbiton Smile Centre and now that I have had my braces removed I am extremely pleased with the excellent results. My teeth were very crowded before being straightened and I was initially unsure about how much they could be improved. I also had a problematic bite, which wasn't ideal for eating. After a consultation with the knowledgeable team at Surbiton Smile Centre I was confident that having braces fitted was the right decision to improve my smile and bite. I chose the ceramic white braces and found them to be relatively discreet and unproblematic. I also chose to pay upfront, which meant that I got a discount; it also meant that everything including the braces, retainers, adjustments and even emergency repairs were all covered in one payment. During the entire 17 months that the braces were in place I had no problems at all, but was confident that if I did have any problems that they would be handled with quickly and professionally. Now that I have had my braces removed I am so much more confident with my smile and with my oral health in general. My family and friends have commented on my fantastic new teeth and one of my colleagues also decided to opt for orthodontic treatment at Surbiton Smile Centre because I told him of my positive experience. In addition to orthodontic treatment I have had dental work, check ups and teeth cleaning done at Surbiton Smile Centre. I highly recommend Surbiton Smile Centre for their expert treatment, friendly staff, great service and reasonable prices.
Chris Kennett
I am really pleased with my whole experience at Surbiton Smiles. The staff are very friendly and the service i received as well as the end results were very good. I highly recommend!
Rosie Brewster
As I sit here with my perfectly straight teeth, I can finally review the fantastic Smile Centre. I'm a nervous patient but the staff here put me at ease immediately. I've had many procedures done here & have always been impressed by the professional service & genuine friendliness. Last year I decided to have my bottom teeth straightened & was put under the care of their amicable orthodontist Theo. His advice was comprehensive & I understood the options available. I chose to pay on a monthly basis, which I think is a wonderful option. As the brace was fitted to the inside of my teeth as requested, it did not show at all. I highly recommend Smile Centre to anyone who is a nervous patient or seeking cosmetic dentistry. They have been brilliant with me on every occasion. Dr Simin is also a lovely & fantastic dentist & the hygienist there is the best I have ever encountered.
F Hicks
Dr Theo is very professional, patient and happy to answer all your questions. Overall I am very pleased with the service from Surbiton Smile Centre. Highly recommended!
Elzbieta Mucha
Theo and his team were excellent during my treatment of having braces to correct my overbite. They dealt with everything professionally. Theo answered all my questions and made me feel confident that I was being looked after. I have had a great experience at Surbiton Smile Centre. Would recommend!
Manjula Jesani-lee
I've been visiting the team at SSC for 9 months or so. My treatment included a front tooth implant plus upper and lower alignment. From start to finish the team were fantastic - especially good with appointment times, availability and patient communication. I've recently concluded my treatment and I couldn't be happier with the results. I'd highly recommend to someone looking for first class cosmetic dental treatment. Thank you Simin, Theo, Claudia, Fernanda and Wendy.
Lewis Chadwick
The team at Surbiton Smile Centre are fantastic. I recently finished my treatment here and I can honestly say that the quality of service and friendly nature of the practice made me look forward to my visits and I'm thrilled with the results. If you are considering cosmetic dentistry but are unsure I'd urge you to go and have a consultation. I wish I'd gone sooner!
Charles O’Neill
Recently I have visited Surbiton Smile Centre, for the first time for a check up where I had the opportunity to tell Dr Simin about a wisdom tooth I had which was bothering me a lot. I had gone to hospitals and various clinics to find some hope, everyone said they wouldn't take it out because my wisdom tooth was too close to my facial nerve and that removing it will be too risky as I could lose some facial movements if the nerve was damaged. Dr Simin told me she had the right skills to have the procedure carried out safely and that if I wanted I could book an appointment so she could have a go on it. I came back a week later, Dr Simin had safely removed my tooth. The procedure was very smooth and I felt very comfortable throughout the whole process. it has now been a few weeks and I feel much better. I have healed very quickly and now feel very safe in the hands of Dr Simin. Will definitely be coming back. Thank you Dr Simin & Team
Fernando Carneiro
I was 48 years of age and had neglected my dental health. I had teeth missing, inflamed and receding gums and bad breath, so I did my research and found the team at Surbiton Smile Centre. I first meet their Orthodontist, Theo, who suggested braces. 48 years of age seemed too old for me to have braces but I thought I've got a few more good years in me yet and I want to have a nice smile. Theo was wonderful; he moved my teeth so I only needed the one implant, saving me the cost of two implants. Next I meet Simi the Dentist who didn't want to put an implant in until my gums had settled and my teeth were all alined. Her plan was to heal my whole mouth so as not to rush the process and end up with problems in a couple of years. With having missing teeth, my gums and jaw had receded and the the task of fitting an implant was a difficult one. Simi went above and beyond what I expected. The result is amazing., she worked her magic and I have a natural looking implant. Lastly I meet with Wendy the Hygenist who did a fantatsic job cleaning my teeth and gums. My gums are no longer inflamed and have stopped receding. Bad breath is also no longer problem for me. Overall, the whole procedure took 18 months. I'm so happy with the results. The lovely team at Surbiton Smile Centre have been amazing. My feedback is that they are a wonderful group of people who are at the top of their profession. Thank you all so much.
Roz Palmer
A 30 year old guy who has only been to the dentist twice in last 15years, always avoiding it at all costs because of built up anxiety. I chipped my tooth 2months ago and it had got worse and worse before the pain got too much that I had to visit a dentist. After googling local dentists Surbiton Smile showed up as one of the best reviewed. After examining the problem we agreed I would remove my tooth the following day, I told the lady I needed some sort of sedation to get me through this process and I was advised Valium and "Laughing Gas". I can safely say this was the most amazing experience, I laughed the whole way through the procedure and could not believe it was over. The gas can take a while to kick in until you allow yourself to relax. But the whole process has actually made me want to come back and sort out other decaying teeth (booked back in for next week). The customer service is second to none. I highly recommend any anxious patients like myself to visit this dentist.
Joshua Goodall
Everyone in the surgery is very professional and friendly! Theo is a fantastic orthodontist! I would definitely recommend surbiton smile center for people who want a new perfect smile.
Petar Tomich
On looking for a new dentist and feeling rather nervous after some previous past experience. I found the Surbiton Smile Centre at 148 Ewell Road, Surbiton. The team here Simin, Fernanda all put me at ease right at the beginning. After a discussion as to what treatment I should have Simin suggested I had a bridge, to which I agreed. Everything went well with my treatment. Simin is an excellent dentist and her co-partner Fernanda took great care of me. To go to a dentist and laugh is quite unique and this is what I did with this team. The treatment is now finished and I'm feeling very confident for an 83 year old. I now have teeth that I can use to smile at everyone! A thank you too for Claudia on reception who also made me coffee and looked after me.
Joan Crump
I have just finished my treatment after a year at Surbiton Simile. The results were amazing! Not only have my teeth been greatly improved but it has also had an impact on my face which is now fuller and my lips have regained their fullness. Who wouldn't want that. Whilst their is some discomfort during the process as you would expect. The results far outweigh any discomfort. Just for it!
Maureen Derbyshire
Had a wonderful experience at Surbiton Smile Centre and thoroughly pleased with the results of my orthodontic treatment from Theo. Can highly recommend.
Georgina Miller
Since a very young age I have tried to avoid the dentist due to a previous poor experience, how ever since coming to Surbiton Smile centre I have found my confidence and belief in dentists again. The team are fantastic!! throughout my experience the team made me feel so comfortable and always made sure I was happy at all times. Simin, Theo, Claudia, Wendy, Fernanda were all great. I am very grateful to you. Thank you. I would highly recommend to anyone who doesn't like the dentist to visit Surbiton Smile Centre, I guarantee you will find your confidence again and want to visit more often as I now do. I cannot thank the team enough. Thank you.
Ben Brown
I'm very pleased with my new smile from Invisalign and Dr. Theo. The whole process was very easy and any issue that arose was dealt with swiftly and professionally. I cannot recommend Surbiton Smile Centre enough.
James Miller
Having been a client for over 7 years, the Surbiton Smile Centre team has provided me with excellent oral hygiene and care / treatment / advice. Whether it is an appointment with my dentist (Simin) or hygienist (Wendy), I have received professional service from the team. They have been responsive and flexible to my busy schedule.
G. Cheung
Best services ever. Thank you so much!
Deya Dasi

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