Advantages of Dental Implants over Dentures or Dental Bridge Explained by Surrey Dentist

In the past traditionally fixed bridge was considered best dental replacement option for single missing tooth. In this type of restoration three false teeth attached together and the middle tooth would bridge the gap. The technique was successful but had many limitations compare with dental implants.


Surrey dental bridge dentist, dental implant dentist

Dental Bridge

Surrey dental bridge dentist, dental implant dentist

Dental Implant

Dental implant reduce bone loss, encourages bone growth and supports the facial structure

When teeth are missing, due to lack of chewing pressure to stimulate the bone growth the bone start shirking and that will continue until a dental implant is paced. If left too long, there might be a need for bone grafting. The loss of support for facial structure cause facial sagging and premature aging. Dental implant integrate into the structure of the bone and prevent bone loss to happen.


Dental implant reduce eliminate the need for damaging other healthy teeth

With dental implant there is no need for any alteration to the healthy adjacent teeth like with bridge. Your healthy teeth are left untouched.


Dental implant can replace many missing teeth as well as single missing tooth

With bridges the existence of healthy adjacent teeth on the side of the missing teeth is crucial. So if you are missing many teeth the bridge is not an option as there are no anchor teeth. In this case dental implant are the best choice as they can act as the root of your normal tooth and support bridge or denture. With the use of few dental implant a full bridge reconstruction can be achieved.

Surrey Implant supported brige

Replacement of several missing teeth by combination

of single implant and implant fixed bridge


Surrey implant dentistReplacement of all missing teeth by dental

implants and fixed bridge

 Implant dentist in Surrey

Replacement of all missing teeth by 4

dental implants & over denture


Dental implant have better esthetic results

Dental implant is fixed in the bone, therefore give you the freedom and confidence to eat and speak without the embarrassment of loose denture popping out or the clicking sound.


Dental implant have better esthetic results

Gum around the bridge can recede exposing the metal base of the crown. The deteriorated bone under the bridge and also the recessed gum can leave patient with an unattractive smile. Dental implant will look like your own natural teeth and no one would ever know you have a dental implant. They have much better cosmetic results


Dental implant will improve your dental hygiene in compare to bridge

With a fixed bridge cleaning is not as easy as three teeth are connected together. There is high risk of developing decays which in some cases leads to the replacement of the bridge. But a dental implant , like your natural teeth, needs just regular brushing, flossing and dental hygienist visit. As they are made of titanium they are not prone to decays.


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