Dental Implant



Mr H came to the Surbiton Smile Centre initially with the problem of a loose bridge. He avoided smiling as his teeth had been damaged in a rugby game several years previously causing his front teeth to be shunted forward. He had also lost a tooth on the upper right side, which had been replaced by a cantilever bridge supported by his top-right canine.

Unfortunately, this canine was fractured, and the entire bridge fell out. Upon examination it was found that his upper-left incisor was also infected and needed to be extracted. Mr H had developed the habit of clenching his teeth, which had over the years, worn down the surfaces of all his teeth.


Taking time to talk with Mr H, he revealed that he did not like the appearance of his teeth. He said that he tried to stop himself smiling and always made sure that he kept his lips closed when he talked. Mr H asked if there was any way to improve the look of his teeth. He was aware that he had not smiled for a long time. Mr H was assured that it was possible to restore his teeth and give him, once again, a healthy, natural smile.

A cost-effective Treatment Plan was devised that took into consideration his wishes and budget. It was to be a multi-disciplinary procedure, which would require a long-term commitment from Mr H, but would in the end fully reconstruct his mouth.

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