Mr T came to us for help before his daughter’s wedding. He had a gap in his front teeth, which he wished to make smaller while retaining this part of his character. As time was tight, we set to work immediately. An impression of Bill’s teeth was taken and sent to a dental technician for making new teeth in wax.

He was rescheduled to see the wax models in a matter of days, which gave him the opportunity to visualise what his new teeth would look like. Meanwhile, after a clinical examination, and taking X-rays and photos, we discussed his high-standard treatment. At his next appointment, Mr T’s teeth were shaped and a set of temporary veneers and crowns made up.

He wore these stand-ins for 6 weeks, to see if he liked their shape and form, and he was happy with setting. Finally, a new impression was taken and sent to our dental technician for making the final crowns and veneers. Mr T was very pleased with the results – his teeth now strike a beautiful harmony that compliments his gentle manner and personality.


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