Dental Implant



Mrs W’s denture had become loose because of bone loss in her jaws. There was not sufficient bone to hold her denture in place and she couldn’t eat comfortably. Because it constantly threatened to fall out, socialising was embarrassing for Mrs W and she was very unhappy.


The only solution was to build a new implant-retained denture for Mrs W. With our dental expertise and technical knowledge, we fixed with four implants in her upper jaw and three implants in her lower jaw, as well as making the new dentures. With them snugly fitted, Mrs W looked happier and healthier with fewer wrinkles around the mouth. Now she could eat everything without any stress, talk and smile with confidence, and socialise in comfort. Her life is revitalised and she shines when she smiles. Mrs W has had her denture for the last three years and still attends the dentist for her annual check-up. It is great feeling for the Surbiton Smile Centre team to see how our efforts and care improve the quality of our patient’s lives.

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