Implant Over Denture

Mr J came to us asking for nice solid teeth, fixed in place. Before we could begin implant treatment for him, he needed periodontal treatment in his lower jaw. We also needed to work with him to stop smoking. He was really positive and cooperative and together we spent several sessions treating his gum disease. Mr J was referred to hygienist for regular maintenance and managed to stop smoking before his implant treatment.

The solution we developed for Mr J was both sophisticated and elegant. After four months, he had two implants placed in his lower jaw and four implants in his upper jaw. The upper jaw implants were constructed with a bar, and a beautiful and comfortable denture without a palate was made to click onto the bar. Mr J’ confidence came flooding back – the change is remarkable. It gives us great pleasure to see the boost that high-quality dental treatment brings our patients, allowing them to regain their happiness and confidence.


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