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Your 5 steps for perfect brushing

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What's inside a tooth?

Discover the different parts of a tooth and learn about their functions.

A tooth is basically made up of two parts: the crown and the root. The crown is what you see when you smile or open your mouth. It's the part that sits above your gum line. The root is below the gum line. It makes up about 2/3rds of the tooth's total length.

Four different tissues make up each tooth. The enamel is the durable, white covering. It protects the tooth from the wear and tear of chewing. The dentin supports the enamel on your teeth. It's a yellow bone-like material that's softer than enamel and carries some of the nerve fibres that tell you when something is going wrong inside your tooth.

The pulp is the centre of the tooth. It's a soft tissue that contains blood, lymph vessels and nerves. The pulp is how the tooth receives nourishment and transmits signals to your brain. The cementum is what covers most of the root of the tooth. It helps to attach the tooth to the bones in your jaw. A cushioning layer called the periodontal ligament sits between the cementum and the jawbone. It helps to connect the two.

Different Types of Teeth

Your teeth look different from one another because they are designed to do different things.

The incisors are the teeth in the very front. They're the sharpest teeth,
built to cut food and shaped to shovel the food inward.

The canine teeth are in the corners of your mouth. Because they're meant for grasping and tearing food, they have very long roots.

Premolars are located just behind your canine teeth. Premolars have a more flat chewing surface because they're meant for crushing food.

The molars are the last teeth towards the back of your mouth. Molars are much bigger than the premolars and have bigger, flatter chewing surfaces because their job is to chew and grind the food into smaller pieces.

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