Sky Fast and Fix / Teeth in One Day

Sky fast and fixed is an immediate implant placement technique, meaning a dental implant is placed at the same time as the natural tooth is extracted. With this technique the placement of a fixed restoration is done in the same day or within 48 hours of implant placement if sufficient primary stability is achieved.

SKY fast and fixed is the most advanced teeth-in-a-day procedure created by the engineers and specialists at brendent with input from experienced implantologists, dental technicians and prosthetic specialists.

SKY fast and fixed offers:

  • Fewer implant procedures needed to bring back your smile or mouth function
  • More affordable price than typical dental implants
  • Same day teeth via extraction and implantation or even temporary restoration
  • No need for extensive surgical procedures
  • Able to fix full arch failing dentition cases or edentulous jaws with or without a denture
  • No more complications and reduced chance of errors during the procedure
  • With SKY fast and fixed you can easily regain your ability to enjoy your social life and eat food properly as soon as the procedure is finished.

Sky fast and fix is carried out in the following stages:


Stage 1:

At first I had a thorough examination. The height and width of the jaw bone were determined through an X-ray and an ct scan  to ensure whether implant placement was possible at all and if we have good quality bone both in height and width .On that stage we will be able to identify  potential  risks and make sure that implant can be placed  in right direction to facilities  good aesthetic outcome

Stage 2:

Any residual teeth which are not worth saving are extracted and all inflamed tissue is removed. A few implants are then fitted under local aesthesia. Of course patient can have this procedure done under Sedation if they wish too.

In order to make use of the existing bone, it is often necessary to fit posterior implants at an angle. All implants .This removes the need for surgical intervention to reconstruction of the bone.

Stage 3:

A temporary bridge will be  produced  and Fitting immediately over abutment that are placed over implants which  helps the implants to support each other to avoid overloading during the healing phase.

This means that many patients leave the practice after only a few hours with a fixed, implant-supported, temporary bridge patient will return two weeks later to have suture removed.

stage 4:

After 3-6 month, the temporary bridge/crowns are removed and an impression is taken for dental technician to make permanent bridge which look as natural as your original teeth or even better aesthetically restoration. The permanent restoration will be fitted two weeks later.


Note the dental surgeon must make sure that right protocol is applied. That means that patient selection is done very carefully  when it come to the quality and quantity of the bone and a proper treatment planning is carried out and implant are placed with sufficient primary stability to achieve predictable aesthetic results.

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