Over-Denture (Telescopic denture / Precision chrome denture / German Denture)

As previously explained, if only a few teeth need replacing, then a partial denture or over-denture can be used. One popular type of over-denture is Telescopic denture.

Telescopic Denture

Telescopic denture also known as Precision chrome denture or German denture as the technology was developed in Germany. They are one of the most successful types of dentures today. It’s a technology that is rarely used in UK but it is widely practiced in Germany, Switzerland and Sweden.The procedure requires at least two healthy teeth that are suitable for crowning. Telescopic crowns comprised of two sets of crowns.

The primary crowns or carps are made of precious or non precious alloys that will be cemented on the already prepared teeth or previously placed implant. The secondary sets of crowns that slips

over the primary crowns are part of the removable Precision chrome denture that holds the acrylic teeth that replace the missing teeth.The best result are to be expected when the two sets of crowns, primary and secondary are made from gold. Removing and inserting the denture for the hygiene maintenance is easy.






If there is no teeth remaining, dental implant can perform the support function for the denture. Read more on Implant dentures.

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