Cerec crowns

CEREC 3D technology is proudly being offered at our in-house ceramic studio.

CEREC sophisticated 3D technology gives us the ability to fabricate your crowns and veneers while you wait, which means you can be in and out in a single visit with permanent all-ceramic crowns, onlays or veneers.

Our Surrey dentist, Dr. Soltani, has invested in this 3D studio as its groundbreaking technology ensures no second appointment will be necessary. With this technique we can restore teeth, using excellent quality materials that resemble the composition of natural teeth without the need for messy impressions. This system uses Computer Aided Design technology and high-quality ceramic materials.

Chipped or discoloured front teeth can be repaired with CEREC porcelain anterior crowns or veneers. Broken-down molars can also be restored using inlays and onlays, making unsightly silver fillings a thing of the past.

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 CEREC crowns- 3dCEREC

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