Dental examination

Dental examination at Surbiton Dentist KT5 / KT6

dental examination is surbiton kingston

Dental examination at our Surbiton dentist will consist of a thorough assessment of your general dental health. We will then take detailed records, which include:

  • Necessary X-rays (digital -low dose radiation) – Xray are taken for areas that are not possible to investigate visually.
  • Photographs
  • Gum health measurements
  • Full muscle and jaw joint evaluation
  • Oral cancer screen

Your dentist will then be in a position to discuss any dental health issues that may have been uncovered by this check up.

We as a dental practice, realize how important this dental examination can be in helping you to tackle any concerns before they become a problem.

At the end of the examination you will be provided with a treatment plan with options for the required dental treatment and it will also include the necessary fees.

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