Root canal infection linked to heart disease

Root canal infection is a polymicrobial endodontic infection resulting in the destruction of tissue around the root of teeth.

The current concept that oral inflammation have an exacerbating effect on cardiovascular disease, said John Liljestrand, a doctoral candidate at the university of Helsinki. He have chose patient with hypertension, dyalipidemia and diabetes for his study.

According his study the more inflammation the patient have around the root of their teeth ,the more likely they were to have Bacteria porphyomonas endodontalis,which has previously been linked cardio vascular diseases.

The main reason is that the Bacteria porphyomonas endodontalis around the infected tooth, is able to invade smooth muscles cells and vascular walls.

Further studies required to explore the relationship between endodontic lesion (root canal lesion) and heart disease, including whether performing root canal treatment can minimize or mitigate cardiovascular risk.




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