Dr. Tony Caen

44Dr. Tony Caen
BDS, PDD (Sedation & Pain  Management), Cert Dent Sed. Newzeland & UK

perience in sedation Tony is one of the most qualified dental sedationists in the UK. His primary interest is in making the patient’s experience as comfortable as possible.

He is trained as a dentist in New Zealand and returned to UK  in 1977. As this  was in the days before specialists were so numerous and available he became a  General Practitioner working on the NHS and privately. He did everything from  simple fillings to endodontic and advanced Minor Oral Surgery (apicectomies, surgical removal of wisdom teeth, implants, etc.). He found his interest in general anaesthesia and sedation that helped with patient management and acceptance of treatment plans.

He sold his practice in 2000 and returned to New Zealand for a while. When he  came back to the UK he decided to follow his main interest in dentistry which is  people. He did two postgraduate qualifications in Sedation and Pain Management, one in South Africa and one in London and have continued to  work as a travelling seditionist ever since. Outside general and specialist dental practices he has also worked in Community dentistry and a Secure Mental  establishment (Broadmoor).

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