Oral Cancer Screening Explained by Surrey Dentist

Oral Cancer screening means testing people for early sign of oral cancer. Oral cancer is rare in the UK and once detected treated patients have 90% survival rate.

The sign and symptoms:

Oral cancer can be invisible in its early stages, and once it develops might not even cause pain and discomfort. Therefore its crucial for everyone to have an oral caner screening once a year. The common symptoms of oral cancer are:

-A lump in the mouth and throat
-An ulcer that does not go away within three weekswhite sports
-Difficulty in swallowing
-Numbness of the young and other area in the mouth
-Swelling in the jaw that does not let the denture to fit in well
-The neck swelling that last more than three weeks
-Soar throat or voice changes that last more that six weeks
-Persistent earache that the reason can not be diagnosed

Who is at Risk?

Mouth cancer has been linked to age. Almost half of all mouth cancers in The UK was diagnosed in people aged 65 and above and more than a quarter of all caners was in under 55s. Men are twice as likely to develop mouth cancer then women.

Smoking is to be known as leading contributor to oral cancer. Smoking turn the saliva to deadly cocktail that turns the mouth cells to cancerous cells. Using smokeless tobacco can increase the oral cancer risk.

heavy drinking can increase the risk of mouth cancer by four times. Alcohol helps the absorption of tobacco, people who smoke and drink excessively are 30 times more at risk of developing the oral cancer.

Diet short of sufficient fruit and vegetable has been found to increase the risk of ordeal cancer.


What to do?

There are couple of simple things you can do to find early signs of oral cancer:

-Check inside your mouth with a small mirror for any changes in the tissue, such as soreness or white spots. You need to let your dentist know about any changes you have noticed in your mouth or that particularly if you smoke and excessively drink

-have regular dental check ups, even if you have false teeth.Dentist do check for sign of oral cancer during the check ups. Therefore they are the first who can spot the cancer on the patient. If signs of cancer detected they can refer the patient to hospital to be seen by a specialist.

We at Surbiton Smile Centre are committed to prevention and do a thorugh mouth cancer screening at each check up appointments. Contact our team if you would like to have a check up or purely concerned about something that you have found in your mouth and would like to have it investigated further by a dentist.




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