Adult dental braces

Adult dental Braces

You are never too old for orthodontic treatment!

Adult dental Braces; At our Surbiton Kingston Dental Brace Clinic tooth movement with orthodontic appliances can be achieved at any age. Almost all the patients treated at our Kingston orthodontist are adults. The biological processes involved in tooth movement are the same in both adults and children. The health of the teeth, gums, and supporting bone is very important to the success of orthodontic treatment in adults as well as children.

Modern techniques have made orthodontic treatment more comfortable and shorter in duration; and less visible or invisible braces (Invisalign) have made the wearing of dental braces much more acceptable for adults.

Most adult orthodontic treatment is to improve their smile and enhance their self-esteem. Others take orthodontic treatment to improve their bite, chewing, or to make it easier to maintain good oral hygiene. Some adults have orthodontic treatment at our Surrey orthodontic dental centre as part of an overall comprehensive dental treatment plan in conjunction with other dental specialist treatment to improve dental function and aesthetics.

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