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The fixed orthodontic ceramic dental braces are the most common type of dental brace, often knownas “train tracks”. Dental braces, also referred to as orthodontic brackets, can be effectively used to resolve almost all the abnormalities of your teeth. Apart from straightening the teeth, ceramic orthodontic braces can rectify all the irregularities associated with malocclusions – problems such as crossbites, overbites and underbites.

These can also be used to align overcrowded, twisted and widely spaced teeth. Ceramic dental braces are strong and less visible, appearing more natural than metal braces.

In this type of orthodontic treatment, brackets which are translucent glass materia are glued onto the teeth and linked by wires. Small elastic hoops are often used to hold the wire in position. In fixed dental braces the wires exert gentle pressure to move the teeth into a new position. The brackets neither stain nor discolour, maintaining their original appearance all the way through to the end of treatment. Since the ligatures are prone to stain, they have to be changed, usually on a monthly basis.

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Dr Soltani and Dr Swanepoel from at this Surrey based orthodontic practice see patients for free consultation.

If you are considering ceramic braces or simply would like to discuss your options feel free to book a free consultation. Alternative orthodontic treatment including Inman aligner, Invisalign braces, six month smile braces, and Damon braces offered at the practice.

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