Lingual braces

Lingual braces are the latest development in the treatment of adult orthodontics.  In lingual orthodontic braces the brackets are cemented onto the backside of the teeth making them invisible – in standard braces the brackets are cemented to the front side of the teeth. Lingual orthodontic braces are a cosmetic alternative to those require orthodontic treatment but do not wish to compromise their appearance with a visible orthodontic brace. Very low forces on the brace make the treatment gentle, comfortable and generally quicker than “normal” braces.

The latest system in Lingual braces is Win Lingual developed in Germane by Dr Dirk Wiechmann. The Win Lingual system is an evolution of the Incognito system which was also developed by Dr Dirk Wiechmann. Win Lingual is a custom made brace therefore ensures a better fit, and less impact on speech. This is achieved by application of low bracket profile and ease of adjustments.

WIN system can treat all type of malocclusions, it is designed for people requiring the highest quality of aesthetics. It s applicable for all age groupd, from children to adult.

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 lingual braces - surbiton orthodontist

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