Types of orthodontic dental braces

dental braces

Dental braces most often used by our Surbiton Surrey orthodontist are:


Fixed Braces: Ceramic dental braces and Lingual braces. Fixed Orthodontic dental braces (sometimes called “train tracks”) can’t be removed except by your orthodontist. They are made of small brackets that are stuck with filling material to your teeth and joined together with a wire. Fixed Orthodontic dental bracescan be used on upper and lower teeth. Once the treatment is finished the brackets and filling material are cleaned off your teeth.

Removable Aligners: Invisalign (Invisible / clear braces), clear step and Inman aligners are made of plastic and usually have wire clips and springs to move specific teeth. They are mostly used to move upper teeth. A removable brace must be taken out to be cleaned but it should be worn at all other times, including meal times and at night.

Eating with a removable brace can feel awkward at first but it gets easier with practice.

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