Dental hygiene

Our Surbiton dental hygienist offers so much more than the traditional scale and polish. She is highly skilled, and will professionally clean your teeth using the latest pastes, polishes and hand instruments, as well as the ultrasonic cleaner and the airflow system. This combination of different methods not only ensures the removal of any plaque and tartar, but also stubborn stains caused by smoking, drinking red wine, tea and coffee.

The dental hygienist role is also that of the educator. She will introduce specific cleaning aids, which will enable you to maximise your home-care routine. She will show you what you need to do, and offer you tips and advice in order to motivate and to help you to maintain that all-important healthy smile.

Dental hygiene is extremely important and can prevent gum disease as well as detect cavities. It is established that good oral hygiene habits from an early age are the perfect foundation for keeping teeth and gums healthy. Our highly skilled Surrey hygienist constantly teaches both children and adults about the use of electronic aids, toothbrushes, dental floss and inter-dental brushes. The dental hygienists at the Surbiton Smile Centre make sure that patients’ teeth and gums are thoroughly examined and will note any irregularities at the same time. Also, any visible plaque or surface stains will be removed by either polishing, scraping or by using the latest power sprays.

An apple a day keeps the doctor at bayFresh breath treatments: Some people are completely unaware they have bad breath, while others are often very conscious of it and it can be a big embarrassment to them. Most people will have bad breath at some point in their lives and may need to have a fresh breath treatment. Usually the treatment involves the dentist using an integrated approach to the problem and thoroughly looking at any underlying causes.

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