How do we help you?

Timing: We allow you to go at your own pace. You might choose to just have an examination and then an X-Ray at the next appointment. It may be that you only feel ready to try sitting in the chair. This way you are facing your fear and gradually overcoming it step by step.

Control: You can take control over the amount of dental work that you are having done with us. It’s important that you do not feel pushed further or faster than you can cope with.

Using distraction measurements: You can listen to your own music or watch a DVD via our virtual vision goggles.

Specific concerns: If there are particular things that you are worried about or if you have had a traumatic experience, you should tell us about them.

Sedation: If you are extremely anxious we also offer conscious sedation. This is a very straightforward procedure, which allows you to obtain the treatment you want in comfort with no anxiety. We provide happy gas, oral and intravenous sedation techniques, depending on your level of anxiety. Sedation puts you in a relaxed dream-like state of mind. With this technique you will feel very relaxed and probably will not be able to remember much about the procedure afterwards.

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