Surrey dental implants can stop the facial bone deterioration due to teeth loss

The loss of teeth create many problems from the dissolving away of bone structure, loss of support for the face giving an increased appearance of age and wrinkles, damage to the remaining teeth that must still bear the full stresses of chewing. Once enough teeth are missing then food choices and nutritional changes begin to cause medical problems and affect your general well being.


Loss of a Single Tooth

Even after the loss of one tooth, the jaw bone irreversibly changes if a dental implant does not replace the tooth.

 Surrey dental bridge dentist, dental implant dentist

Without chewing pressure to stimulate the bone it begins to dissolve away immediately after extraction and continues forever unless an implant is placed. If left long enough, bone grafting is necessary before an dental implants can be used. The last picture above shows when the bone loss has reached the severe state.


Loss of the entire teeth

Below a healthy jaw is compared to one where all of the teeth have been removed and deterioration of the jaw occurs. The deterioration is described beneath the very last picture in the series.

Surrey dental bridge dentist, dental implant dentist

As the bone shrinks, vital structures (such as the nerve) become exposed. The denture then pushes on this nerve making the denture even more painful to wear.


Dental implants are the ultimate solution when teeth are missing. Dental implants integrate into the structure of the bone and prevent bone loss to happen. To find out more call our helpful team on 0208 339 9333 and book a free consultation with Dr Soltani. She will be happy to discuss with you your concern and give you information on all the available options.


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