Surrey Dentist- Porcelain dental veneers in Surrey

Cosmetic dentistry in Surrey can consists of use of dental implant, veneer, crowns, teeth whitening, gum countering and orthodontic treatment.

Cosmetic treatment is not for rich and famous anymore. Everyone can now have access to quality and affordable choice of treatment.


Lets look the true picture of what we see in movies and flashy magazines

Demi moor is wearing a smile that is the result of full mouth reconstruction with use of porcelain veneers and crowns. She had also gum reconturing (gum reshaping) and teeth whitening treatment.

In case of George Clooney porcelain veneers were used to lengthen the teeth that Clooney had ground down and a laser treatment was done on his gums in order to expose more of his natural teeth.

Sharon Stone beautiful smile from what we can see is a achieved by use of porcelain veneers and teeth whitening treatment..

To see how you can have a beautiful smile at an affordable cost contact our Surrey dentist and ask for FREE cosmetic consultation.

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