Why to have dental implant?

Dental  implant can help you if you are suffering from any of the issues below:

  • Poor fitting denture
  • Missing tooth or teeth which effect your confidence to enjoy your food on daily basis
  • If you missing all your teeth and wear a full denture

Types of dental implants:

Replace one single tooth
There are situations where nothing can beat an implant-supported solution for instance when a single tooth has had to be extracted or has been lost. In this case, the lost tooth is replaced with an implant and no neighbouring teeth need to be included to use in  a small bridge solution.

dental implantdental implant

Dental implant for missing teeth at the end of the dental arch
Implants are also the best solution if the last teeth  in the dental arch are missing, so that there is no tooth available to support  a bridge. If no implant is placed to help support the bridge, it  will rock when exposed to the chewing forces. Over time, the overload on the existing supporting tissues will result in wear and tear on the jawbone joint, called temporomandibular joint.

dental implantDental  implant can replace all missing teeth by a implant retained denture or by a fixed bridge

dental implant

Fixed teeth in one day

dental implant dental implant



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